The first collection of NFTs from Fuc**** Marketing that portrays the tiredness and weariness of those who really love marketing in the face of several fumes that stain it.

Things you need to know about the Fuckers

980 Fuckers are part of this first generation of Fuc**** Marketing NFTs that are in Polygon.

The concept behind this collection is the representation of discontent, fed up and bad fame of the profession, hence their tired and ugly appearance.

The idea is to be the first collection that means in application an "I'm fed up" within injustices in the world of freelancers and agencies.

They will go up slowly, but surely. Between 30 to 50 Fuckers per month.

The benefits of this collection will go to improve the Fuc**** Marketing project.

The price will go from 0.004 to 0.009 ETH. 20 of the Fuckers will be used for marketing actions for the collection.

In addition to having a Fucker, you will also have surprise gifts from Fuc**** Marketing, 2 consultancies of 1 hour per year and access to the Discord community.


Launch of the project promotion spaces.

Exit of the first 30 fuckers.

The owners of a first generation fucker have a discount or gift for the second generation.